Get ready to watch the spectacular love game in the city of love Istanbul.

In a house filled with hidden cameras, nine male and nine female contestants meet in Istanbul to find their true love. A social experiment will take place while nine male and female contestants with completely different characters experience love. In this expirement, jealousy, heartbreak, love and everything about love will be experienced in the Power of Love house.
The game has only one rule; the contestants will spend 8 hours together each day in the house and will not, at any means, meet eachother outside of the house.
The contestants who are in search for the love of their lives, will free all of their emotions on-camera, and will test theirselves with friends and families watching them on their screens.
Each moment will be witnessed by millions of viewers, with one person taking the prize each week, while one person will be saying goodbye to the competition and the love of their dreams with the votes of their opponents. The eliminated contestants will be replaced each week with a new contestant which will amp up drama within the Power of Love household. Perhaps the new contestant will be stirring up drama.

The Power of Love house opens its door to a magical love story!


El Poder Del Amor




Inter Medya / Production House


Dating, Reality Show

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