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The Global Rise of Miracle in Cell No. 7

The movie MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7, Turkey’s Oscars contender for the 93rd Academy Awards, distributed worldwide by one of Turkey’s leading distribution company Inter Medya, continues to increase its international success. Recently, Inter Medya announced that the successful movie has been licensed in 8 new countries.
MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 has been licensed to 7 countries in Latin America: Mexico (Imagen TV), Chile (Canal 13), Colombia (Caracol), Ecuador (Ecuavisa), El Salvador (Canal Seis), Honduras (Canal 11), and the Dominican Republic (Color Visión). The popular movie has also been licensed to Israel (Achla TV). Representatives from Inter Medya stated that there are many more countries on the pipeline and that they will announce new deals shortly. The Turkish feature film industry started to attract significant attention from all over the world recently, and MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 is one of the most potent examples of this rising attentiveness.
The movie reached more than 3,1 million viewers in Mexico, achieving a market share of 19% on Imagen TV and topped the primetime charts. It has been the most successful movie on the channel’s broadcast history, with a rating of 5.45% of households on a national level. The movie which was aired in Chile on Canal 13 last week became one of the channel’s most-watched films in recent years by getting 11,6% ratings, the highest ever since 2016.
In Turkey, MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7, seen by over 5 million 300 thousand moviegoers, was the most-watched movie of 2019. Streaming on a popular global platform, the movie has become number one at the service’s Top 10 trending movies in the US, Canada, Brazil and France among other territories.
MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 is one of those emotional movies that leaves you breathless and speechless. The movie, which has proved its popularity in Turkey, continues to prove its success in the international arena. “It is a great pleasure to partner with these countries and to see that the movie achieves extraordinary success in every country where it has been broadcast. The Oscar contention of the movie was also excellent news for us,” said Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya.

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