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Power Of Love Latin America is Coming!


Power of Love (El Poder Del Amor), the popular reality dating show format is getting prepared to meet with the audiences bringing together 12 countries of Latin America in the same program. The project, which will be produced by Inter Medya together with the format’s creators Production House is a reality show like a social experiment based on relationships. This out-of-box organization, led by Inter Medya, will break all the rules and will be an important milestone in the history of television. Power of Love, which has shattered the ratings in all the countries where it was broadcast so far, will be aired in 11 countries at the same time, breaking a new ground. Male and female competitors from Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Panama, Puerto Rico and the U.S. will try to experience the best love in the house of Power Of Love which is located in Istanbul. It will be shot in a specially designed and constructed studio in Istanbul. Nine male and nine female contestants with completely different characters will experience love in a social experiment. It is a new generation reality-show program with a theme of love. In a house full of cameras, the contestants, who are looking for the love of their lives, will release all their feelings about love in front of the cameras. The contestants will compete to find their true love and also for the big prize. Contestants from 12 countries will spend eight hours a day together in a house in the city of love, Istanbul and they will make their own telenovelas real. Each week, one person will win an award by voting, while one person will bid farewell to the competition and the love of their dreams with the votes of their rivals. A new contestant will fill the place of the eliminated contestants who may shake the balance of the house. Love, jealousy, excitement, heartbreak, romance, lies, revenge, happiness and much more will be experienced in the house of Power Of Love. The program will be screened 7 days a week in 11 different countries at the same time.

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