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Inter Medya’s Newest Title: Destiny


The successful Turkish distribution and production company Inter Medya acquired the distribuition rights for DESTINY (EL KIZI). Produced by Turkey’s acclaimed production company, NTC Medya, DESTINY has a very heartfelt story and it’s a very powerful Turkish Drama. The audiences will watch love, revenge, greed and intrigue. It is about Ezo, a woman who stands strong against whatever happens to her, does not accept being oppressed and takes revenge. Ezo lost her mother to suicide. She grows up belittled by her father and ignored by her grandmother. This lack of love turned her into a vicious young girl. Despite the physical and psychologic abuse, she has experienced, she doesn’t submit to anyone. No one can bring her down, but she is still struggling for existence. DESTINY, which distinguishes itself with its original plot and high production quality, has also a successful cast including successful names such as Sevda Erginci, İsmail Ege Şaşmaz and Perihan Savaş.
DESTINY broadcasts on one of the most watched FTA channels in Turkey, FOX

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