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Inter Medya Licensed Four Successful Dramas to Romania

One of Turkey’s leading production and distribution company Inter Medya announced that the company has licensed 4 of its recent titles to Romania.

Inter Medya licensed one of the most successful titles of 2021, THE TRUSTED, to Romania’s PRO TV. Produced by Turkey’s acclaimed production house TIMS&B, THE TRUSTED will make it’s Europe debut very soon. Brave, and trying to provide justice in his own way, the series tells the story of Marashli, who unwittingly met Mahur and saves her life. It’s a Turkish drama with elements of love and passion with a dose of action.

Recently, Inter Medya and PRO TV signed an agreement also for the successful women-oriented Turkish Drama SCORPION. Produced by 1441 Productions, SCORPION will make its Europe debut on Romania’s PRO TV as well. Bringing together a journey of love and revenge, SCORPION takes the audience into a completely different yet powerful storyline. Meanwhile, Inter Medya has inked deals with KANAL D Romania for LAST SUMMER and RAMO. Both of the series have been licensed to KANAL D Romania which is one of the biggest broadcasters in Romania and they will make their premieres shortly.
Having great success with the audience since its launch, LAST SUMMER has renewed for the second season and recently, the second season of the series made its both local and worldwide premieres recently. The story of LAST SUMMER, which started in Aegean region, has been moved to Istanbul to continue in its new city. And also, one of the Turkey’s most talented actresses Birce Akalay joined the cast of the series and the excitement of the story increased even more in the second season. RAMO tells the extraordinary story of Ramo, inspired by a real person. The series distinguishes itself by being the first drama of one of the Turkey’s most successful production companies, BKM. Ramo encompasses the deep conflicts of family and love.
“Turkish dramas are highly popular in Romania and Romania is one of the countries where Turkish dramas and feature films are huge phenomena. Four of our most successful dramas will meet with Romanian audiences very soon. We are sure that all of them will be loved by the audience there and these series will be very successful and phenomenal in Romania as well.” Said Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya.

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