Sedat and Mina are an unhappy married couple with a child. During a violent fight, Sedat in the heat of the moment accidentally kills Mina and decides to bury her. Sedat (2) and Mina (2) are a couple who love each other but are unhappy due to the passing of their child. Mina can’t bear this pain and tries to kill herself. Sedat (3) and Mina (3) are a couple in love. One night, they have a fight with Erol who is an old friend that ripped them off. That night, Erol(3) kills Sedat (3). The night in which all these events happen lighting strikes and all of a sudden these 3 couples find themselves on the same universe. Now they will all try to find the mystery of these eerie events and they will try to save their dead children, to confront the past they have pushed aside, and perhaps to reverse the decisions they regret.




Özcan Deniz


Özcan Deniz
Feyza Aktan
Cansel Elcin




DNZ Film & Gizli Medya


Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller


6 x 50 minutes available in HD

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