A man’s life is transformed by becoming a father; he’s ready to take on the world for his son.
Ali is a handsome and rebellious young man who works on his father’s boat, taking people on trips off Turkey’s southern coast. His father, Haşmet, wishes he would grow up, but Ali is quite happy with his carefree life. But all that changes when the enigmatic and beautiful Leyla books a boat trip.
Initially she is indifferent to Ali, but a romantic night together under the stars changes all that. Back at shore the next morning, her father removes her forcibly from the boat, saying she is ill. Some time later, Ali is presented with Efe, the son he conceived with Leyla on that magical night, as she is not able to care for him. Over the years Ali changes his ways and sets about becoming the best possible father he can. Efe, however, is not a conventional child; he has trouble communicating with everyone. Despite his best efforts, Ali does not know how to engage his son. But a chance encounter with a piano player soon reveals him to be a musical prodigy – and this intense love of music will provide Efe’s path to a new life.


Hadi Be Oğlum


Bora Egemen


Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ
Sezai Aydın
Büşra Develi
Feridun Düzağaç




25 Film




113 minutes available in HD

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