Hicran, who wakes up to the new day with the nightmare she sees every night in which she tries to catch up with her daughter, who is said to have died at birth, is a young woman who is trying to hold on to life and who believes that her daughter is not dead, unlike everyone else.

The thing that will make this ordinary day different from the others, as if all the mishaps were not enough, was the encounter with Melek, who was locked in the car and had a respiratory attack. Hicran, who saved the little girl at the cost of being hurt, finds herself in the detention center on the charge of “child abduction” due to Melek’s father’s misunderstanding. Although it is difficult for the Hicran to prove her innocence due to Melek’s inability to speak, Hicran is released by the police after watching the footage.

Thinking that his daughter owes her life to Hicran, Emre convinces Hicran to be Melek’s babysitter when he learns that she needs a job. Hicran, unaware that she saved the life of her own daughter, now comes to the mansion where she lives as her babysitter.

Unaware of the fact that she caused the death of her ex-wife and the silence of her child, Emre got engaged to her deceased wife’s distant relative, Yeliz, just so that his daughter would not be left without a mother. Emre will not be able to remain indifferent to the effect of the glow that Hicran has added to Melek and the mansion, and will not stop trusting Hicran despite all the intrigues of Yeliz and Aliye. He will also prevent the attempts of Soner, who does illegal activities, to kidnap his ex-wife Hicran after he is released from jail.

Melek and Hicran will try to get to know each other and embrace each other with love, unaware that they are mother-daughter, amid the intrigues, power struggles and chaos surrounding the family in this seemingly perfect mansion.




Gürsel Ateş


Nisa Sofiya Aksongur








210 x 45 minutes available in HD

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