After his father dies, young Ali Riza is forced to give up his ambitions of study and focus his energies on supporting his family as a taxi driver. But a chance encounter in his car draws him into a vicious mafia feud that transforms his life into a fight for survival, love and justice. With the burden of family responsibility weighing heavily on his shoulders, the handsome Ali Riza has no time for romance. He has many admirers among the women in the district and his mother seeks to play matchmaker. Ali Riza’s attention is, however, focused solely on bringing up his three brothers and sisters. The light of his life is his sister Nihan and he takes on a father-like role, enabling her to study through his work. She has fallen in love with her older brother’s best friend and is on the verge of leaving the family nest, waiting for her brother Mert to return from his military service before getting married.
The dream begins to unravel a day before the wedding when a woman called Halide gets into Ali Riza’s taxi. She is pursued by a man who grabs her and tries to pull her away. Ali Riza leaps to her defense and fights him off. His bravery will come at a cost: the attacker, Burak, is the son of Istanbul’s mafia kingpin and he swears to take revenge. Burak is in love with Halide. She too is the daughter of a crime boss but has turned her back on that dark world to study medicine. Tragically, her mother and two brothers were killed by attackers who allowed Halide to survive, only stealing her necklace. As she will learn, it was Burak who let her live. The two are destined to meet again when Halide, now a doctor, visits Istanbul briefly to celebrate her father’s 70th birthday. Burak is now obsessively in love with her and he will do anything to be together with her. The rejection of his advances leaves him furious, vowing to destroy Ali Riza. His chance comes when he learns of the impending wedding of Ali Riza’s sister. The greatest day of Nihan’s life turns to tragedy when Burak bursts into the celebrations and fires into the air. One of the bullets accidentally hits and kills Nihan, leaving shock and heartbreak all around. It is now for Ali Riza to seek revenge, plunging into a dangerous world of armed thugs who think nothing of killing to get their way. When the rest of his family are also threatened with murder, he knows that he has no choice other than to take the mafia on at their own game.




Recai Karagöz


Tolga Sarıtaş
Ayça Ayşin Turan
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan




O3 Medya


Drama, Action


101 x 45 minutes available in HD

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