Fifty Fifty is a quiz show where 8 people participate in 4 rounds. In each round, the winning contestants should share half of their money with the other contestants. They may choose the contestants and the amount they wish to split from their winnings. You will witness how many contestants establish a bond with each other. Some of them will support each other while a few will try to dig a hole for their rivals. Personal intimacies and polarizations begin. The contestants tend to engage in unstable emotional situations and this turns the competition into a drama-quiz show. the end of each round, the contestant with the lowest amount of money leaves the show while the contestant with the highest amount of money becomes the winner of the day.
The winner of the day, may ask for a final question in order to win five times of his/her money or he/she may choose to take the money he/she won.


Yarı Yarıya




Inter Medya


Prime Time, Weekend


60 minutes

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