Behzat Ç. tells the story of a police officer who was suspended by an organization that had been structured within the police force seven years ago. After turning in his badge, Behzat jumped in his red Beetle and headed for the unknown. Leaving everything behind including his teammates and his daughter Şule, whom he had handed over to prison, he wandered from city to city and rejected a permanent settlement for a long time. Upon his brother Şevket’s insistence, he settled in one of the villages of Ankara and started to live in a cabin he built himself.
Now, willing to do anything for his loved ones, Behzat will have to return to the Homicide Unit, the one place he said he would never go back, after his biggest enemy, Ercüment Çözer kills the current Homicide Unit detectives one by one and gets Behzat’s dearest friend the chief of police Tahsin, injured. With his travel companions Ghost and Vulture, he will encounter various adventures and different people from his homeland. However, he is not yet aware of what kind of a game he has fallen into after such a long break… Will Behzat’s fatigue be able to carry all of this weight?


Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi


Serdar Akar


Erdal Beşikçioğlu
İnanç Konukçu
Canan Ergüder Ece
Ahu Türkpençe




Inter Medya


Action, Detective


9 x 60 minutes avaialable in 4K

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