Two beautiful sisters… One naïve and full of sadness and pain because of the loss of her baby and another wild, passionate, and full of pride.

One young man... Successful, wealthy, and confident he manages to win the hearts of all women around him, but who never found true love.

A love that divides the two sisters’ hearts. Who knows what life has planned for us? One cannot escape from destiny. If fire falls into your heart, you cannot give up or say no to love.

Drama 2010- 2013

Production Company : Avşar Film / Fox
Directed By : Aysun Akyuz
Cast :
Murat Unalmis 
Birce Akalay 
Selen Soyder 
Tuvana Turkay 
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan 
Duration :
314 x 42 mins.
Available in HD