The Light of Hope tells the heartbreaking story of a family torn into pieces… Many years ago, Ipek’s husband, Omer, was imprisoned due to theft charges. Meanwhile, Ipek, who was pregnant at the time, went into early labor and lost her baby shortly after birth. She had no idea that it was her greedy cousin Halil and his wife Neslihan who had set a trap for Omer and had him thrown into prison. Neslihan, who wanted to break Ipek’s tie’s with Omer for good, gave Ipek’s newborn baby to Kadir to be killed. Not having the heart to do it, Kadir and his wife Selma raised Ipek’s daughter Bahar like their own. Eleven years later, Omer returns to take revenge from Ipek and her family. Will hatred prevail or will it be love? Will Bahar be able to unite with her mother and father?

Our story is about a mother, a father and a child overcoming obstacles, to find each other and become a family again…

Drama 2019

Production Company : Yeşil Yapım / Hacıyatmaz
Directed By : Ayhan Özdemir / Koralp Gümüş
Cast :
Isabella Damla Güvenilir 
Gülşah Aydın 
Esin Civangil 
Fatih Ayhan