“Riot is a product of love!”

Adana… A warm city in the South of Turkey
Poor and troubled, yet such a fun neighborhood
The fuel theft gang… A gang with its own laws
And their courageous leader, Ramo…

The series tells the extraordinary story of Ramo, inspired by a real person, a man who goes against his superiors… It’s a story that encompasses the deep conflicts of family, justice, revenge, friendship and love.

The fuel theft gang, known for smuggling diesel fuel, works for a powerful family who runs the entire area. The only thing they get in return is, as Ramo says, “bones given to dogs.” While the gang does the dirty work, Cengiz, the boss, gets all the money.

Ramo, unable to accept the treatment that his family gets, decides to change the system no matter what it takes. He raises riot flags with the first opportunity he gets, just like how his father did during his time.

Ramo’s deepest wound is also the sole reason why he is ready to fight with everything he has. His war will not only be against his enemies, but also his family, friends and even himself and throughout all these tumultuous events, his biggest test is love as the only woman he will ever love is Sibel, the daughter of his arch nemesis.

Drama 2019

Production Company : BKM
Directed By : Yağız Alp Akaydın
Cast :
Murat Yıldırım 
Görkem Sevinç 
Esra Bilgiç 
İlker Aksum