Beautiful, proud and modest Kainat, high society beauty Şebnem and strong mystical believer, cute Almilla… The paths of these three girls with totally different lives who have never seen each other before, cross at the airport. These three gırls with their wedding dresses on, escaping from their weddings, are headed to the big city of İstanbul.

Their strange look caused them to be on the news as soon as they arrived to İstanbul. Now known as runaway girls, they start a new life in a new city with the support of one another still unaware of the love stories they will find themselves into.

Romance, Comedy 2015

Production Company : NTC Medya
Directed By : Kerem Çakıroğlu
Cast :
Deniz Baysal Kainat 
Açelya Topaloğlu Almila 
Fırat Albayram Özgür 
Furkan Andıç Selim