This is the story of two families in conflict: a well-known family from Istanbul at the edge of bankruptcy and another, very successful, who just moved from Anatolia to Istanbul.

The Taşkıran family is an established, classy, and sophisticated family from Istanbul. After losing their father, their businesses worsen and they are facing bankruptcy. But their mother will do anything to keep their high standards and even entangle everyone around her in the meshes of intrigue.

A conservative and successful Anatolian family, the Ilgaz family is at the peak of their business. Ambitious control freaks, their mother and their uncle stick with traditions and would do anything to keep the family together as the way they want.

The love between Lale, the daughter of Zümrüt Taşkıran and Çınar, the only son of the Ilgaz family, will cross the paths of these families.

A story full of disputes, tricks, and intrigues...

Drama 2010- 2013

Production Company : Avşar Film / Fox
Directed By : Kemal Uzun
Cast :
Emina Jahovic Sandal 
Tolgahan Sayisman 
Serenay Sarikaya 
Selen Soyder 
Hatice Aslan 
Duration :
309 x 42 mins.
Available in HD