After losing both her parents when she was only a baby, Asya is taken in by her uncle Levent and her aunt Aysel. But Aysel, who knows that Asya is the only heir to the family fortune, prepares a malicious plan with her lover Kürşat to take Asya out. As she manages to take all of Asya’s inheritance, there is something that she doesn’t know…

While Aysel thought that Asya was dead all those years, Kürşat had actually left her in an orphanage and followed her whole life, in case he needed to use her to get revenge from Aysel. All grown up, Asya will now take over Aysel’s life and uncover the truth about herself and her inheritance.

In the meantime, Asya will fall in love with her cousin Selma’s fiancé Yiğit and their love will turn into the most passionate love affair. Tested many times, their love will get stronger each time. Souls lost in jealousy and greed will only find peace with love. But only if they are worthy of it…

Drama 2014

Production Company : Düs Gezginleri
Directed By : Canan Evcimen-Atilla Cengiz
Cast :
Duygu Keser 
Ozan Dağgez 
Yeşim Gül 
Orhan Aydın 
Deniz Özlem Durmaz 
Aziz Sarvan 
Pelin Orhuner 
Duration : 202 x 45 min. available in HD