Life… We throw ourselves at it with fear and learn to swim along the way. As long as our family is waiting at the shore, we do not fear the storms; we trust and hold on to life strongly.

This is how Eşref holds on to his family and shoe shop… As decent as they come, he is loved and well respected. He is trying to grow his inherited shoe business with the help of his son. As Murat starts to take full responsibility for the shop, the Karahanlı family is confronted with a huge misfortune. The shop, their only source of income, burns down in one night.

In order to save the shop, Murat takes on a huge responsibility without the knowledge of his family; however he is unaware that Kenan has been waiting to get revenge for years.

While Eşref and his family are struggling with other isssues, will Murat be able keep his promise to his father? For those who appreciate the worth of family, sacrifice, pain and joy…

Drama 2014

Production Company : Focus Film
Directed By : Barış Yöş
Cast :
Kenan Bal 
Ayşe Tunaboylu 
Fikret Kuşkan 
İdil Fırat 
Özge Özberk 
Onur Saylak 
Tolga Güleç 
Beyza Şekerci 
Beyza Şekerci 
Enis Arıkan 
Zeynep Aydemir 
Fırat Temir 
Duration : 31 x 45 mins Available in HD