Zeynep, Emre, Cemre and their youngest sister Aysun are left alone in poverty after their father’s sudden death. Their only motivation in life is their mother Nefise, the only person who is going to do anything for their well-being and happiness. Becoming a mother at an early age, Nefise is trying her best to take care of her children and their needs. Still, her family will go through some hard times. In the meantime, her eldest daughter Zeynep remains distant to Ahmet and his feelings for her. After she starts working with him, she meets Onur and the fire of love begins to burn. A family drama, Broken Wings shows us that even if things go bad and everything turns upside down, there is still light and hope.

Drama 2017

Production Company : Koliba Film
Directed By : Kemal Uzun
Cast :
Melis Tüzüngüç 
Deniz Bolişik 
Ahmet Varli 
Seda Türkmen 
Duration : 160 x 45 min. available in HD