The beautiful Asiye meets the cheeky Ilyas after he has a small motocross accident while practicing with his motorbike. But their growing love will bring along its some problems. Ilyas’ biggest dream is to become a motocross champion. Without any money, he has to compete using damaged bikes from his father’s workshop. He hasn’t done anything with his life because of his passion for motocross. Asiye, on the other hand, puts their love ahead of everything and wants to build a home. After they fall apart for two months, Ilyas finds out that Asiye is pregnant and decides to ask her hand in marriage. As Ilyas wins races, Asiye loses hope and sees how another world is slowly taking over the man that she loves. Stuck between his family and the world of motocross championships and wealth, Ilyas becomes a liar. As they separate before the baby is even born, Asiye meets Cemsit who sees her and her baby as the wife and baby that he had once lost and thinks that they were sent to replace them.

Now successful and wealthy, Ilyas wants to make up with Asiye but Cemsit’s unconditional love will win Asiye and her son Memo’s heart over.

Drama 2011- 2012

Production Company : Ay Yapım / ATV
Directed By : Nisan Akman
Cast :
Seckin Ozdemir 
Ozge Ozpirincci 
Baris Falay 
Helin Sezaioglu 
Zeynep Eronat 
Duration :
88 x 45 mins. Available in HD