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15 November 2017

Inter Medya's Money Monster Once Again at Fresh TV in Cancun

Reed Midem's Latin American endeavour MIP Cancun began today with an exciting presentation by Virginia Mouseler, the Founder of The Wit.

Mouseler's popular Fresh TV conference featured a number of entertainment formats from across the globe. Following a successful launch at MIPCOM, Inter Medya's recent format MONEY MONSTER was presented by Mouseler for the second time at MIP Cancun. MONEY MONSTER was the only format in the Quiz Show category at the conference, attracting the attention of a number of Latin American producers and broadcasters.

Since its recent launch, numerous buyers especially from Europe and Asia have expressed great interest in the implementation of MONEY MONSTER.

"Quality is a programming feature that is sought worldwide and Inter Medya is determined to serve this demand with its format catalogue. The fact that we have been selected by The Wit for the second time in such a short period shows that well-made formats work across national borders.

Our goal is to reach new markets through our high quality portfolio,"says Can Okan, Founder and CEO of Inter Medya.

A simple concept that combines intelligence with speed and talent, MONEY MONSTER is a studio-based quiz show in which the contestants win as much money as they manage to count in 60 seconds, after each correct answer. In order to take the money home, they have to declare the exact amount of cash they have counted.