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23 October 2017

Inter Medya’s Money Monster at Fresh TV

The CEO of The Wit, Virginia Mouseler presented the most buzz-worthy entertainment formats at today’s Fresh TV Formats conference, every content market’s hottest conference held at the Grand Auditorium of the Palais des Festivals. Inter Medya’s brand new format MONEY MONSTER was introduced by Mouseler in the category of quiz shows, which she believes are on the rise by 14%. A simple concept that combines intelligence with talent and speed, MONEY MONSTER is a studio-based quiz show in which the contestants win as much money as they manage to count after each correct answer. But in order to win the money, they have to declare to exact amount of cash they count.

The CEO of Inter Medya, Can Okan said earlier: “We are very proud that our new format MONEY MONSTER was showcased at today’s Fresh TV conference and are confident that it will facilitate various deals as early as this week.”