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22 March 2017

Inter Medya’s Join Instant Goes to India and Pakistan

Turkish media content distributor, Inter Medya has recently announced that one of their game show formats titled JOIN INSTANT has been optioned in India and Pakistan.

JOIN INSTANT is planned to start airing in July 2017 on one of India’s biggest TV channels, which has just reported that acclaimed Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty will be moderating the show. Similarly, JOIN INSTANT is planned to be broadcast in Pakistan in May and June.

The original format, created by Melih Bas of BasBros Media and developed by Inter Medya’s in-house team was first broadcast in 2015 and 2016 on TGRT EU, where it reached excellent results for the whole 48 weeks.

Can Okan, the Founder and CEO of Inter Medya said, “We are proud to announce the sale of JOIN INSTANT and confident that it will be a great success and a game changer in the Indian and Pakistani markets. For buyers everywhere, this format has always been one of the most exciting projects in our catalogue and we believe its launch in two important territories represents its worldwide power.”

An online interactive quiz show, JOIN INSTANT uses a second screen technology that provides live participants the chance to win as much as those who join the show’s online portal through the Internet. JOIN INSTANT will be presented to buyers at Mipformats with a prize-winning competition on Sunday, April 2nd at 10:30 in Auditorium K. The session will be run by the format’s creator Melih Bas. Join our session to get a chance to win a Mac Book Pro! Feel free to register in advance at!