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14 March 2017

We Are Changing: A New Corporate Identity for INTER MEDYA on its 25th Year

Founded in 1992 by Can Okan, ITV Inter Medya started out as a film distribution company serving the Turkish film and TV industry solely within the domestic market. In its first ten years, its basic market structure remained more or less the same but soon found itself operating both inbound and outbound. In the following years ITV Inter Medya has also developed into a major content distributor in the field of entertainment, reality and game-show formats in the local and international markets.

In these 25 flawless years of service, ITV Inter Medya never failed to underscore the global transformations of its markets. The company managed to earn its clients’ trust and loyalty through a satisfactory and sustained service record and a library that always manages to stay current.

This year, in 2017, Inter Medya celebrates its 25th year anniversary with a new name and a fresh look. “In line with the culture and strategy of our company, we have developed our brand appearance evolutionarily in the sense of continuity,” explained Can Okan, the Founder and CEO of Inter Medya. “Inter Medya continues its legacy with a red-colored logo but we made two essential changes. We not only said goodbye to ITV, which caused confusion at trade fairs and various events, but also opted for an up-to-date yet classic font. Through our worldwide presence, we also set a sign for globalization.”

Indeed, the new logo presents a high recognition value and the strong name of Inter Medya stands for itself. The new design ensures a homogenous transition for the company and its sub-brands. The design represents a gentle development of the previous appearance, which has an independent and unmistakable typology and represents a value established over the years.

So today, we are excited to roll out a new look and feel, that celebrates our logo and 25th anniversary. Inter Medya is not just a successful and modern content distributor but also a powerful business developer with very strong relationships and a consultant with significant experience in the industry.