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8 April 2013

Turkey Reaches Latin Audiences Through VIP 2000

During the first day of Miptv 2013, VIP 2000 announced a new deal with Turkish company ITV Inter Medya to take its telenovela Deep Waters to Latin America, representing the first deal of its kind in the region.

Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000, and Can Okan, CEO of ITV Inter Medya.

After numerous negotiations, format adaptations and years selling Latin American content in Turkey; the current edition of Miptv witnessed the arrival of the first Turkish telenovela in the Latin market.

During the first day at the French market, VIP 2000 and ITV Inter Medya announced a deal which sees Turkish telenovela Deep Waters being dubbed in Spanish and distributed across Latin America: a first for both regions.

"We are very happy to be able to finalize this deal with VIP 2000 for Latin America, which includes Turkish series and finished product; a first for Latin America," Can Okan, CEO of ITV Inter Medya said to ttv at the event.

"This first deal we signed is for Deep Waters: 160 episodes of 48 minutes each. It is shot in HD, with very high production qualities and a very nice story," he explained.

In addition, Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000, said this telenovela they chose to start their relationship with Turkey has great potential for success in the region, given its characters' "international appeal."

"Latin America has taken notice of Turkish content for quite some time now, and after evaluating 4 or 5 other companies which also offered this product, we decided to go with ITV Inter Medya, since we believe its product has the most international appeal, both for its characters as its stories," she said.

"We believe, based on our experience and having dubbed more than 2000 hours of telenovelas, that this product can really fit with the Latin American audience. One of the main characters in an underground boxer. I think this topic will work very well in Latin America," she added.

According to Rotundo, Turkish content can slowly gain ground in the region, same as Romanian products did some time ago.

"Basically, this product we are starting with, which is the first Turkish telenovela dubbed in Spanish, can lead to us having important timeslots dedicated to Turkish content, same as it happened with our Romanian titles, which are currently airing in two key timeslots in Venezuela," she explained.

Both executives seemed optimistic about this deal signed on Monday in Cannes, and see it as the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

"I think that if you dub the Turkish series and telenovelas in a proper way, it makes no difference whether it's shot in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico or Turkey. We strongly believe that this is only the beginning, and there will be lots of other Turkish series and telenovelas exploited in the Latin American market," Okan said, and Rotundo added: "the goal is for this first telenovela to lead to a second, a third and a forth."