Ever since the dawn of time, household chores have always been an issue of conflict between men and women. It’s usually the women who takes care the domestic works but it’s time to show the husbands it’s now their turn to be in charge.

Married couples apply to the show and each week 5 couples compete. Husbands will take care of the housework for a week which is normally regarded as obligation of their wives. The wives will assign tasks to their husbands. They will try to complete each task within a given time and get the highest points.

The wife guides the husband through the tasks and at the end of the day, they’ll have to work together to earn the big prize. When faced with a challenging task, husbands have the chance to call their moms and ask for help. Once the entire list is completed, the couple of the day sets the table and hosts the other couples at their home.

Production Company: Soho Formats
Genre: Daily Reality
Time-Slot: Daytime
Running Time: 90’