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“Join Instant” is an online interactive quiz elimination game show with a second screen technology enabling viewers at home to participate live to the show. Home audiences often identify themselves with game show competitors and play vicariously, challenging themselves and cheering for their favorite contestants. Yet deep down, they want to participate personally. They crave the direct and immediate thrilling experience of competing for a prize in front of a large audience. While it's difficult to find the courage and opportunity to engage in the most popular shows, even those most daring must pass various screening processes and are often eliminated before ever having the chance to compete. Many contestants have to wait for years to even participate. “Join Instant” gives the opportunity to everyone with Internet access to join the contest from his or her home, without any pre-screening or pre-condition. Breaking with tradition, this new frontier in programming allows audiences to compete without the production procedures of the show, by bringing the competitor’s experience inside the home.

Period: Wednesday/Friday, Live broadcast
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 60’

In 2017 in Turkey (TGRT-EU) / 2 Seasons / PT2 / 60'