Taking place in Büyükada in the 1950’s, this is the story of Elâ, a little girl who became blind and deaf due to an illness she had at the age of two, and therefore, is unaware of the concepts of the world and doesn’t fit in, and her teacher Mahir who dedicates his life to making her better. Elâ, who has known nothing about the world until the age of 8, crosses paths with Mahir, who has dedicated his life to helping disabled people after tragically losing his older sister who was in a similar condition to Elâ’s. They start a journey which takes them from darkness towards light, and there is a single word that is never used: Impossible... My World is the story of people who can see only darkness and those who make them redefine it.

Drama 2013

Production Company : TMC
Directed By : Uğur Yücel
Cast :
Uğur Yücel 
Beren Saat 
Ayça Bingöl 
Turgay Kantürk