Umut is a young man who made his living through thievery his whole life. He constantly tries to catch a big break, and looks for his family that he lost. Nevertheless, he can’t find either of these. On the other hand, Gülüm is a young girl who does not really have any problems in her life, graduated school on time, and is only one step away from achieving her dreams. Unfortunately, right as she attempts to take the last step to make her dreams a reality, she trips and falls down. She finds out that she has liver failure. If she doesn’t get a liver transplant, she will die. This is when Umut and Gülüm’s paths’ cross. Umut finally finds the opportunity of his life, but this opportunity puts him in a very complicated situation. He finds himself risking the lives of all the other people he loves. Umut has to make important life changing decisions to get out of this complex situation. Is love worth risking everything? Is this love?

Romantic 2019

Production Company : Avşar Film
Directed By : Ömer Uğur
Cast :
Salih Kalyon 
Tanju Tuncer 
Afra Saraçoğlu 
Kubilay Aka 
Şerif Erol