Adem is a smart and hardworking boy living with his family in one of the peaceful villages of Aegen in 1970’s. Adem’s 5th year in school has just ended and he doesn’t want to spend the summer break doing nothing so he tells his family that he wants to work with Gazozcu Cibar Kemal Usta. Though just barely he manages to get permssion from his family and starts working as Cibar Kemal’s apprentice. It is the beginning of Ramadan and Adem takes imam’s speech personally, on top of that Berna is also fasting. Since he is not allowed because of his age, Adem starts to fast in secret. However fasting is very challanging under the summer heat of the Aegen. Thirst and hunger has made Adem very weak and he starts to hallucinate. The challanges he faces lead him into an adventure. How will Adem and Gazozcu Ustasi Cibar Kemal overcome this never ending day?

Comedy, Drama 2016

Production Company : Nulook
Directed By : Yüksel Aksu
Cast :
Cem Yılmaz 
Berat Efe Parlar 
Adam Bay