The robot, 216, dreams of being human. He comes to the world from space to see his beloved friend Arif and starts living like a human being. Although he tries to live his life like others, his difference doesn't escape from others attention. As he tried to adjust to his new life, he starts to discover about love. He tries to hide from everyone that he is a robot, unfortunately he fails. A businessman inspired by the 216 wants to introduce him to everyone and also wants to make his copies. He tricks 216 with his offers. He will change the future by using 216. Arif learns about this horrible plan and he decides to save both 216 and the earth.

Comedy 2018

Production Company : Nulook
Directed By : Kıvanç Baruönü
Cast :
Cem Yılmaz 
Ozan Güven 
Farah Zeynep Abdullah