Zafer is used to living his life by taking the easy way out. His job as a bootleg DVD seller is the perfect example for this. For the first time in his life he faces a challenge when his wife approaches him asking for a break up. Arzu decided to ask for a divorce because she was sick of her husband’s illegal adventures. Once she was married she closed the door to her acting career and dreams of being a movie star. In order to keep his family from being torn apart Zafer decides to return back to his short-lived cinema career as a producer. He secretly undertakes the production of “Sahikalar – Kotulugun Sonu” in order to prove he is done with illegal jobs and give Arzu her dream back.

Comedy 2014

Production Company : Nulook
Directed By : Cem Yılmaz
Cast :
Cem Yılmaz 
Tülin Özen 
Zafer Algöz