Ekrem who has been selling Maras ice cream in Adana for the last 8 years, asks Nese to marry him by making the world’s biggest Maras ice cream. Nese answers by saying no to this romantic offer. However, Ekrem doesn’t give up. He tries to change the bad qualities Nese doesn’t like in him such as laziness, inconsideration, and selfishness. Winning Nese back won’t be easy because she has a new boyfriend. Jeremy Jackson who is a F1 pilot in Incirlik air base. During this time Ekrem meets Zeynep.

Comedy 2017

Production Company : Nulook
Directed By : Murat Dündar / Murat Kaman
Cast :
Cem Yılmaz 
Emrah Kaman 
Pelin Akıl 
Şafak Pekdemir