Deniz is set to marry Nurperi because of his fathers’ pressures. Before the marriage ceremony the couple decides to attend Otilia concert which leads them to Burgaz island in Nurperi’s fancy yacht. While scuba diving Deniz meets Gunes. Thinking Gunes is hearing-impaired, Deniz decides to learn sign language to communicate with her. When the young man starts to communicate through sign language Gunes assumes Deniz is hearing impaired. They are enamoured with each other in short time. In spite of his father, Nurperi and Doruk who is the platonic admirer of Gunes, Deniz decides to follow his heart. 

Drama, Romantic 2018

Production Company : MT Film
Directed By : Bariş Denge
Cast :
Burak Serdar Sanal 
Şafak Pekdemir 
Melissa Giz Cengiz