Kerem, son of an elite Istanbul family and an architect in high demand, is married to Yeşim.

Their biggest disappointment is not to be able to have a baby. They try several methods of fertilization to increase the chances and make Yesim more likely to conceive a child. Kerem realizes Yesim’s hopes are shattered and that she needs moral support. He offers to go to their summer house to take the edge off.

They hit the road with Kerem driving. All of a sudden, a child jumps in front of the speeding car which causes Kerem to lose control of the vehicle and the car tumbles down hill. Kerem gets heavily injured. Yeşim and the child die at the scene of the accident. Kerem holds himself responsible for their deaths and can’t overcome feelings of pain and guilt. He decides to isolate himself from his work, family, friends, basically from everyone and everything around him.

Drama 2018

Production Company : Avşar Film
Directed By : Çağan Irmak
Cast :
Engin Akyürek 
Hilal Altınbilek 
Şerif Sezer 
Osman Alkaş 
Ogün Kaptanoğlu