Mert is the succesful, handsome and womenizer owner of “” who turns losers into winnners and teaches its clients to stand tall against life. His life starts to change when he crosses paths with obscenely beautiful Ada.  Ada has devoted her whole life trying to make her brother who is a total loser, happy. Eventough she tries to ignore her feelings, she can’t help but let those emotions in. Neither Cengiz knows his wominezer friend is falling in love with his sister nor Ada knows his brother is taking lessons from Mert. Yet!

Time of happiness is the romantic story of Mert who creates the “perfect” life without facing his past and Ada who built her whole life on her past expriences. They will soon find out true happiness depends not on perfection but flaws.

Romantic, Comedy 2017

Production Company : Nulook
Directed By : Senol Sonmez
Cast :
Elçin Sangu 
Barış Arduç 
Cengiz Bozkurt 
Levent Öktem 
Dila Bayrak