Yusuf Tunalı who owns a sardine factory is trying to save his company from bankruptcy. After his wife’s sudden death he is left alone with Arif, his disabled son. Dealing with his son disability proves to be a big test for Yusuf who struggled with his sons condition for many years. Feride, who is an unassigned teacher, starts working in the sardine factory. As Arif begins to come out of his shell through Feride’s special attention, Yusuf starts to see Arif differently. The expriences these 3 share help them form a special bond. The good man resinding within Yusuf starts to shine as he makes a great sacrifice for not only his son but for others who suffers the  same condition.

Drama 2017

Production Company : Durak Film
Directed By : Nihat Durak
Cast :
Çetin Tekindor 
Melisa Şenolsun 
Berker Güven 
Erkan Kolçak Köstendil