Azra, Emir, Ahmet are three siblings who were born and raised in Istanbul, their family originally from Afghanistan. After their mother's death, Azra who regrets about her weakness of family bounds, doesn't hesitate about making her mother's last wish come true and she decides to take a dangerous journey to bury her mother in Afghanistan despite all the objections of her brother Emir. After her arrival, she starts to investigate her family's past in Afghanistan. Every connection she makes, carries her to a new discovery. While she follows every single sign to have a clearer picture of her own story, she also witnesses the consequences of war and the impact of Middle East's destiny on people's faith. With the journey of thrilled taboo of being a lonely woman in Afghanistan, she experiences the sorrow and drama of the war lived society.

Drama 2017

Production Company : TFP / Galata Film
Directed By : Gözde Kural
Cast :
Öykü Karayel 
Beran Soysal 
Muhammed Cangören