Kayla’s father left when her mother was giving birth to her and they are left all by themselves in this huge world. Kayla, growing up without a father and seeing the struggles of her mother, becomes a strong, passionate young girl who knows what she wants.

One day Kayla’s father Vural comes back. He wants to take her daughter to the big city to give her a better education and a better life. Kalya’s mother Nazlı accepts the offer thinking it’s the best for her daughter. Kayla will start a new life with this man that is a complete stranger to her, whom she calls, a biological waste. All she wants out of life among the new school, new friends and an unknown city is to get rid of the biological waste whom she hates and get back to her old happy life. On her first day at school she meets a boy who is mysterious and dark. Meriç is the school’s coolest kid, the one who has the most secrets. Kayla sees this boy as the key that will open the door to her old life. She plans on getting close to him, create trouble and going back to her old life. However things won’t work out the way Kayla plans.

Romantic, Drama 2017

Production Company : TAFF PICTURES
Directed By : Yağız Alp Akaydın
Cast :
Tolga Sarıtaş 
Afra Saracoğlu 
Sarp Akkaya