Savaş Türkyılmaz, nicknamed Deliormanlı, is a national European boxing champion. After the death of his wife, he quits boxing and disappears. He later decides to come back to the ring to pay for his mother’s treatments and meets Hülya Yiğit, a famous TV host who wants to interview him. However, the biggest obstacle in Deliormanlı’s and Hülya’s path is the well-known manager and mafia boss, Tahsin Kara. A very big adventure filled with action, drama, and love awaits the duo, who have the same purpose in life.

Drama 2016

Production Company : Taff Pictures
Directed By : Murat Şeker
Cast :
Sarp Levendoğlu 
Birce Akalay 
Gürkan Uygun 
Danny Williams 
Sema Poyraz 
Yücel Erten 
Hakan Bilgin 
Duration : 108 min.