In a small town, a young girl called Çiçek, bound to live the life that her family chose for her, falls in love with Doğan, the literature teacher that just arrived in town. Although Doğan tries to fight this forbidden love, he can’t stay away from Çiçek. How much love can a young heart feel? Can love heal a man’s broken heart? Doğan and Çiçek will seek the answers in each other. However, this love will not only affect theirs but also their family’s destiny.

For Both Of Us tells the story of an impossible yet unstoppable love, mixed with family ties, friendships, secrets, and lies, inspiring the audience to believe in love no matter what and to hold on to hope.

Drama 2016

Production Company : Taff Pictures
Directed By : Умур ТурагайUmur Turagay
Cast :
Nejat İşler 
Serenay Sarıkaya 
Zerrin Tekindor 
İştar Gökseven