Having weathered marriage pressures from her family and friends in the first movie of the series, Efsun is now with the man of her dreams, Sinan. But the complications facing her love life don’t get any less. As if her own chaotic family wasn’t enough, she now has to contend with Sinan’s – his grandmother Cavide in particular – and things quickly spin out of control. Will she make it through hell and high water to fulfill her dream of a peaceful life with Sinan? Does she really want the wedding everyone else has decided on for her?

Romantic, Comedy 2016

Production Company : BKM
Directed By : Kıvanç Baruönü
Cast :
Ezgi Mola 
Murat Yıldrım 
Nevra Serezli 
Gülenay Kalkan 
Nilgün Kasapbaşoğlu  
İsmail İncekara  
Duration : 108 min.