Nadide has chosen her marriage over her education and career and is now 50 years old. When she lost her husband, she found herself waiting for her daughter and granddaughter who visit once a week and her son who barely comes home.

She goes to knitting classes, the choir and many more activities but can’t find the happiness that she’s looking for. Until one day she sees a news on the paper. After that Nadide finds herself first in a classroom and then in an adventure where she throws herself into the blue waters. She starts a new beginning with a group of young people and a mysterious captain.

Romantic, Comedy 2015

Production Company : TAFF PICTURES
Directed By : Çağan Irmak
Cast :
Demet Akbağ 
Yetkin Dikiciler 
Sevil Akı 
Batuhan Begimgil 
Çisem Çancı 
Efecan Şenolsun 
Irmak Örnek 
Ümit Erlim 
Sadi Celil Cengiz 
Duration : TBA Available in HD