Yağmur who lives in London meets Kemal by coincidence on an airplane and many coincidences follow them. Yağmur falls in love with Kemal, a mysterious man and they start a relationship. Kemal who is very different from any man that Yağmur has been with, has a very big secret. After a few honeymoon like days in London it turns out that Kemal’s real name is Haşmet and he is involved in a blood feud. The ending of the blood feud depends on Haşmet. Yağmur in the midst of all this is swept towards the unknown.

Romantic, Drama 2013

Production Company : Avşar Film
Directed By : Özcan Deniz
Cast :
Özcan Deniz 
Yasemin Allen 
Burçin Birben 
Barış Yalçın 
Kaan Çakır 
Duration : 110 min. Available in HD