A love story in the shores of the Aegean Sea. Ali is fighting very hard not to lose the family restaurant in a small fisher town. One day a girl comes into town: Deniz. Ali and Deniz who is running away from her past fall in love. The ice cream seller Nebahat, the grocer Ayhan, the fisherman Yaşar, Saadet and Yusuf are witnesses to this love. While they live their amazing love story, Deniz’s past is waiting to destroy their happiness.

Drama 2014

Production Company : BRK’S Production & TAFF Pictures
Directed By : A.Taner Elhan
Cast :
Burak Özçivit 
Fahriye Evcen 
Yavuz Bingöl 
Birsen Dürülü 
Kaya Akkaya 
Şamil Kafkas 
Burçin Işık 
Yıldız Kültür 
Duration : TBA Available in HD