Özgür who is an orphan was brought up without any difficulty and a little spoiled thanks to his grandfather’s heritage. As he’s planning on living an easy life when he gets his inheritance he finds out when he turns 18 that nothing goes as planned.

He has to fulfill a requirement stated in the will before having access to his money. The requirement is that he has to move from Istanbul to Çanakkale, to a small town Adatepe and live there for 1 year. If he doesn’t go through this condition he will only get a small part of the inheritance and the rest will be donated. Since Özgür thinks that he deserves the inheritance he moves to Adatepe and starts his new life. Many surprises await him in his new life but the biggest surprise is Elif who come into his life very unexpectedly.

Romantic, Drama 2015

Production Company : ANS Prodüksiyon
Directed By : Abdullah Oğuz
Cast :
Neslihan Atagül 
Ekin Koç 
Zeynep Kankonde 
Doğa Konakoğlu 
Sabri Özmener 
Gamze Pelin Gökçe 
Duration : TBA Available in HD