A true story; because it’s the story of all of us…

Hakan who is very positive and fun, and Esra, who is more realistic and independent; they are a married couple in their mid-thirties, almost together for 7 years and focused on their careers. The decision to have a baby will become a turning point for them.

Hakan’s mother Meral, who is desperate to become a “granma” gets also involved in the decision making. Despite Orhan’s objections, a loving and tender father, Meral’s sweet interventions make the situation even more complicated and funny.

Drama, Comedy 2014

Production Company : Taff Pictures
Directed By : Tolga Örnek
Cast :
Timuçin Esen 
Selma Ergeç 
Sait Genay 
İdil Fırat 
Başay Okay 
Levent Can 
Duration : 109 min.