The story is based around the experiences of several Turkish, ANZAC and British soldiers against the backdrop of the historic Dardanelles campaign of 1915 in Turkey.

April 25, 1915 ... the Ottoman Empire, the gate resistance of the Dardanelles, the ship and the prices could not get through the invaders, a desperate maneuver began to land on the beaches of Gallipoli. States as perhaps the greatest resistance of the occupying forces, it is now referred to as the defeat of an army; Anzac Cove.

Action, Drama, War 2013

Production Company : Tolga Aydın
Directed By : Kemal Uzun / Serdar Akar
Cast :
Gürkan Uygun 
Berrak Tüzünataç 
Umut Kurt 
Fikret Yıldırım Urağ 
Stephen Chance 
Ben Warwick 
Duration : 115 min.