Niloya is a 4 year old girl who was born in a lovely and charming village where cheerful birds sing along and a river flows through. She enjoys exploring nature and playing with friends. Chasing a butterfly or wandering around on her little turtle in her dreamland, Niloya is always happy.This educating animated TV Series teaches children to be sincere, loyal and to have moral values. "Niloya", the 3D animation series has a unique song for each and every single episode.

Main Characters

About the Series
S1: 26 ep X 6 min
S2: 26 ep X 6 min
S3: 26 ep X 6 min
S4: 26 ep X 6 min (Still in production)
S5: (About to be broadcasted soon)
52 episodes in English, 88 episodes in Turkish and 52 episodes in Arabic are available
Main Broadcasters: TRT
Format: HD
Sales Right: Worldwide except Turkey and MENA
Available Licenses: Accessories, Back To School, Apparel, Apps, Games, Master toy
Audience Type: Boys & Girls
Licensing Targets: Kids, Family
Language(s) Available: Turkish, English*
Subtitles: Turkish, English*
M&E Track: Available