King Shakir

Filled with adventure and fun, this anthropomorphic cartoon series tells the story of King Shakir and his family who live a modern city life. Shakir is a typical teenaged lion who loves video games and super heroes. Shakir's father Ramsey and close friend Ned the Elephant are constantly getting into trouble. His mother Katy tries to keep things together while Shakir's younger but more gifted sister Jane stands out as the main problem solver of the family. All of these unique characters make up this fun and entertaining cartoon that is equally interesting for kids and their parents.

Main Characters

About the Series
S1: 32 X 11”
S2: 28 X 11” (Still in production)
Main Broadcasters: Cartoon Network Turkey
Format: HD
Sales Right: Worldwide except Turkey and MENA
Available Licenses: Accessories, Back To School, Apparel, Apps, Games, Master toy
Audience Type: Boys & Girls
Licensing Targets: Kids, Family
Language(s) Available: Turkish, English*
Subtitles: Turkish, English*
M&E Track: Available